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Handcrafted in South Africa 

Each and every Chef Stainless Steel Gas braai is proudly hand crafted in South Africa, by South Africans with top quality materials and specifically designed Chef parts.

Stainless Steel thickness

A Chef Stainless Steel Braai is manufactured from a 1.2 mm thickness stainless steel compared to our competitors using a metal of 0.7 mm or 0.9 mm thickness. Chef Gas Braais are also manufactured from a grade 304 stainless steel with higher corrosion and temperature resistance features compared to other stainless steel braais in the market mass manufactured from grade 430 stainless steel.

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Chef Nitro Braai 4-burner
Chef High Pressure Gas System

The Chef patented high pressure gas system

Each Chef Braai comes complete with a patented high pressure gas system (50kPa) as apposed as opposed to the standard gas pressure (2.8kpa) of other gas braais available in the market. This high pressure gas system allow INSTANT heat, utmost performance and more efficient gas cooking.

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The Chef patented heat collector panels

A Chef braai is the ONLY gas braai in the market fitted with patented heat collector panels allowing for true flame grilled flavour and an original braai taste.

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Chef Patented Heat Collector Panels
Chef Service Centres

Nationwide service centres

Chef consists of nationwide service centres with very knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you with Chef refurbishments and spare parts.