Grilling Guide



With the stainless steel heat collectors, you achieve the same taste and flavour as you would with charcoal and open flames. A portion of the fat that drips onto the heat collectors flashes back as a flame to give that flame-grilled taste. The remaining fat from the meat falls into the removable drip tray and burns away as a fuel. The flame diffusers that cover the burners serve a dual purpose, to diffuse the flame and stop the ports of the burners from becoming blocked with fat. To sear steaks, use your burners on high and then complete your cooking by turning the burners down to a medium. 

Most other meats are cooked at medium. If extensive flaring occurs when cooking fatty foods such as boerewors, simply move the food away from flaring until the flames subside. If flaring persists remove the food from the grill onto a dish and wait until the flames have burnt themselves out and replace the food. Remember, the leaner the meat, the higher the heat and the fattier the meat, the lower the heat will be.

Note: “Do not turn the heat too low, as this will cause the fat to smoulder.”



This is simply cooking with the lid open, which results in a flame grilled taste. 

  1. Roasting Basket: – A roast or roasts can be held in the Chef. 
  2. Rotisserie Basket Rotisserie Spit Rod: – This is when the meat is spiked with a rod and held with retaining prongs. Ensure the meat is correctly balanced to prevent wear on motor.

Note: When cooking with the lid open, the burners are normally turned to medium. It is advisable to use a CHEF meat thermometer when cooking roasts.

Roasting - indirect cooking


Place roast on the grill. A stainless steel dish must be placed on the heat collectors directly under the roast. It can contain vegetables. The juices will fall onto them, and the juice or drippings can be made into a tasty gravy or sauce. This way the meal will be cooked all together. Whenever a longer cooking time is indicated for foods with an excessive amount of fat, place meat or poultry inside a drip pan on top of the cooking grill. Placing meat or poultry on a small rack inside a drip pan allows heat to circulate underneath the food and keeps it from lying in its own juice. The juice drippings can then be made into a tasty gravy or sauce.

Note: The roasting effect is obtained by cooking food with the lid closed, this results in a smoky taste. There are three options when it comes to roasting with the CHEF gas flame griller.



The frying effect is obtained using the reversible cast iron plate or the CHEF Braai pan (optional extra), which is placed on the main cooking grill or directly on heat collectors. Turn burners to FULL for 10 minutes to allow the plate or pan to become evenly heated before cooking. The pan enables you to cook breakfasts, Chinese stir fry, paella, prawns, calamari, etc.



In order to smoke food using the CHEF gas flame griller, wrap 2 handfuls of damp wood shavings in aluminium foil. Using a fork, make a number of small holes in the foil. Place it directly onto the heat collectors with the burners on low and close the lid. 

Note: A drip pan must be used when smoking meat.

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