Chef Premium Braais

Chef gas braais use high pressure gas (50kpa) as opposed to the standard gas pressure (2.8kpa). This provides you with an original braai taste of charcoal that you’re accustomed to with the ease of using a gas braai. This is due to a significantly higher heat than a normal gas braai. The braai heats up faster and the cooking time is reduced thereby also saving on gas usage.

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Patented High Pressure Gas System

A Chef Gas Braai is the ONLY gas braai in South Africa complete with its high pressure gas system. A Chef braai uses high pressure gas (50kpa) as opposed to the standard gas pressure (2.8kpa) of other gas braais available in the market. This system allows for INSTANT heat which eliminates the process of build-up and allows for a shorter cooking time, making a Chef braai super gas efficient.

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Heat Collector Panels

The Chef Heat Collector panels allow for a wider heat range and complete cooking control. This system guarantees a more efficientand optimally performing product. A portion of the fat that drips on to the heat collector panels during cooking allows for flare up giving your meat true flame grilled flavour and an original braai taste.

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