How To Smoke Using Your Gas Braai

How To Smoke Using Your Gas Braai | Blog

No smoker? No problem! Craving delicious flavor of smoked meat but have a gas braai at home? Simply convert your Chef Gas Braai into a mean smoking machine; giving you the best of both worlds; whether you’re wanting to cold smoke or hot smoke something delicious!

Cold Smoking is the technique of smoking a variety of your favourite foods without actually cooking them.
This can be achieved by setting your Chef Gas Braai to 30°C. Cold smoking is usually used for foods such as cheese, salmon, salt, and so much more (the options are endless)!

You’ll never want to miss any smokin’ action again (your smoked food will taste that good!) thanks to our useful guide below.

  1. Home-made Smoking Pouch- Tear off two large pieces of aluminium foil and layer them, on top of each other, on your flat working surface. Place two cups of dry wood chips in the center of your foil and fold up each long side. Crimp the edges of the foil to secure the wood chips. You now have a home-made sealed wood chip pouch. Carefully, poke holes in the top of your pouch allowing the heat from the gas braai to infuse the wood chips flavor inside the pouch and releasing a delicious smoke flavour to your food.
  2. Set-up- Take off one of your grates on your gas braai, and nestle your wood chip pouch right over one of your gas burners. Replace the grate back on the braai and you’re ready to smoke!
  3. Smokin’ Time- If you’re aiming for a temperature of 90-135°C, you’re only advised to turn on one burner. The single burner will provide enough heat to get your braai to a perfect smoking temperature and to circulate the smoke through the braai and in your food.
  4. Smoking Food- It is very important to place your food on the opposite side of the smoking pouch. Close the lid of your braai and use the built-in thermometer to constantly monitor the desired smoking temperature.

Note: The smoking chips will take +- 45 minutes to burn through all of your wood chips in your smoking pouch. If you’d like to continue smoking your food until it reaches your desired internal temperature and doneness, just add extras wood chips on when the first one burns through.

You can now enjoy your brand new way of smoking your favourite foods to perfection in the comfort of your backyard!