Gas or Charcoal Braais – Which is Best?

Gas or Charcoal Braais - Which is Best? | blog |

Both gas and charcoal braais have pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice will end up coming down to the option that is best for your specific budget and needs. With that said, if you are about to invest in a new braai, it is very useful to know what to look for before choosing between these two primary braai types. To help you make an informed decision between gas and charcoal braais, we’ve put together some factors to keep in mind.

Gas Braais vs Charcoal Braais

As we mentioned above, both gas braais and charcoal braais offer advantages and disadvantages. Both have the same goal – to cook meat perfectly. Knowing the key differences will help you decide which is the best option.


Gas braais are quick and easy to use. Most are built-in, working like gas stoves. Gas is released once the braai is turned on, heating the grill. Thanks to the temperature settings on this type of braai, you won’t have to risk over or under-cooking your meat. Some models can be used indoors and outdoors. One advantage is these braais is that they don’t require much effort, which means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time getting the braai ready to start cooking. The gas should last a while, too. On the downside, has does not give you the smoky flavour associated with wood or charcoal. These braais are also not usually portable, which makes them less suited to small spaces such as balconies or campsites. 


Braaing with charcoal can be a little time-consuming, however, it is usually worth the time and effort it takes to set up the braai, prepare the charcoal and get things to the right temperature. For some, the process is part of braaing. There are many different types available, including portable, compact models that can be used in smaller areas. Charcoal is readily available at just about every store, including local cafes. It heats up and burns quickly, which makes it easier to ensure that meat is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. On the other hand, these braais may not be as quick and easy to use as gas braais. If you’re in the mood for a quick braai, it will take longer to get your meat cooked. They can also be more of a pain to clean, too. 

At the end of the day, the choice will depend on what is right for your lifestyle. You don’t have to be limited by choosing one braai over the other. You may find that a built-in gas braai is ideal for frequent use, while a small budget braai is perfect for camping, picnics or outdoor adventures. 

Whichever type of braai you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect option at Chef South Africa. We offer a range of braais for every budget, from gas braais to charcoal braais.