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Not sure how to care or maintain your Chef Grill? Follow our blog post to get the best tips on how to maintain your Charcoal or Gas Grill.

How to Maintain your Chef Grill

How to Maintain your Chef Grill | blog |

Maintaining your Chef gas grill will ensure that you can enjoy your grill throughout the year. A poorly maintained braai will not give you a good cooking experience. It can be dangerous to skip regular maintenance, too. If there is a build-up of fat and grease, there is a bigger risk of a fire hazard. […]

How to Maintain Your Charcoal Braai

Looking after your charcoal braai is essential to enjoy outdoor cooking for many years to come. A well-maintained braai is one that delivers delicious meals, time after time. When your braai is not cleaned properly or not cared for, you will notice the difference. Not only will you find that it starts to show signs […]