Essential Grill Accessories for Outdoor Cooking

Essential Grill Accessories for Outdoor Cooking | blog |

Grill accessories are almost as important as the grill itself. When you’re cooking outdoors, there are a few must-haves that you will need to get the most from your grill. Although obvious tools such as tongs are a no-brainer, there are other grill accessories that will make sure that your meat and veggies are cooked to perfection. 

Grill Accessories for Outdoor Cooking

Here are just a few of the grill accessories that make outdoor cooking simpler and better.


Chef has a variety of pans on offer. These can be used to cook on the open fire. Rather than cooking on the grill, you cook on the pan. They are best suited to foods that cook fairly quickly rather than meats that need a longer time on the grill. Use to fry up side dishes or use them to keep the meat warm while you continue grilling. Our breakfast pan can be used to fry up eggs, bacon and other quick-cooking foods. You can also make toast quickly and easily or even try some pancakes on the coals.


Thermometers are vital for any grill. These will help you cook your meat to perfection. Without a thermometer, you are essentially guessing at how well-cooked your meat is at every stage of cooking. Experienced grill masters will start to learn how to determine whether meat is cooked but most need a little help. If you are following recipes or are still fairly new to grilling, these gadgets will be particularly useful. They can be used for cooking on spit braais, gas braais and charcoal braais.


Then, there are the other accessories that come in handy when you’re cooking outside. An apron is important to avoid any hot fat spills as you cook. Gloves are equally important to avoid burnt fingers. Tongs are an obvious choice to turn your meat and veggies. You can also look for grill cleaners, drip trays, and various other tools. 

Chef offers a wide selection of high-quality accessories for your outdoor cooking. Shop grill accessories online now and enjoy shipping right to your door.