How to Choose a Braai for Small Spaces

How to Choose a Braai for Small Spaces | blog |

Finding the right braai for small spaces comes down to a few factors. If you live in a flat or you have a very small garden, a built-in or larger size gas or charcoal grill is not always practical. You may also want a small, portable braai for camping and other outdoor adventures. Whatever the case, there is always a way to get cooking in even the tiniest of spaces. Keep reading to get our tips on how to choose the right braai for small spaces.

Choosing a Braai for Small Spaces

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider when selecting a braai for small spaces:


On a balcony or tiny patio, you want to save as much space as possible. This means choosing braais that do not take up a lot of room. It also means choosing compact braais that can be moved around easily. For camping, the Chef Camper ON-THE-GO Braai is an ideal choice as it can be folded up and easily transported. For small outdoor areas, we have a selection of braais on offer in a selection of sizes. Depending on the size of your patio, deck, balcony or garden, you’ll find the ideal size in our collection.


On the topic of size, this is another thing to consider. Most charcoal braais come in a variety of sizes. As these braais are compact and free-standing, they do not take up the same amount of space as a larger braai. You will be able to choose a larger size if you have a bit more room, and store the braai in a garage or unused area when it’s not in use. If you have less space, a medium or small braai will be ideal.


Just because your braai is small, it doesn’t mean it has to be super basic. You may find that a simple braai such as the Chef Braaiman Sizzla Braai Mild Steel is a great choice for quick grills. You may want something with a few more features if you braai on a regular basis. The adjustable Chef Charcoal Drum Braai has an adjustable grill height system with an easy to lift handle. This braai is the perfect choice for those who love entertaining.

Whatever your budget, requirements and preferences might be, you’ll find all the braais and accessories you need right here at Chef. Shop our range to find the best charcoal braai for small spaces now.